Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jackass 3

I did not see the first two iterations of this series but I remember their show from MTV.  Most of the stunts seem a bit stale now and there really are only two which stick out as memorable.  1 - They fill a tetherball with bees and wear no protection as they bat it back and forth.  The loser is the first person to run away because they can't take the stings anymore.  2 - They play behind a jet engine as it blows them backwards across a field.  Some of them are underneath the engine and lob objects such as shoes and footballs at the person in the field; they fly at them with such speed I wonder if it would kill them if they got struck.

The rest of them are quite forgettable; especially where the object is to just hit the other person in the testicles.  They've been doing that for years now and the effect, humor, and overall shock value of it is just gone.  There is still a bit of humor left though.  They stage a midget fight in a bar complete with police midgets and EMT midgets which comes off pretty funny, but that is the exception rather than the standard. 

They also still try for the the ultimate in the disgust factor.  They wrap the fat guy in saran wrap and have him on a treadmill where they collect his sweat in a cup.  Steve-O drinks it but pukes all over the place as does the cameraman.  The other memorable disgust episode is the 'Poo Cocktail Supreme' where they fill a Port-o-Potty with dog excrement, strap Steve-O on the seat, and launch it in the air with 100ft. tall elastic cables.  They have done Port-o-Potty episodes before so it really is not that shocking. 

Skip it.

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