Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Morning Glory

Rachel McAdams is annoying.  Well, I'm sure she's lovely in real life, but her character in this film would not be in your inner circle of friends.  Examples of why not?  Let's see.  She's ridiculously gorgeous but gets flustered when people ask her if she has a husband or boyfriend.  She says "sorry" all of the time.  When there is something she cares about and gets animated it comes off as "I'm so perky!  Listen to me because I'm perky!"  She is always flustered, is dropping things on the ground, and her face usually has a vaguely incredulous look on it.  Enough examples yet?  Hooray for Harrison Ford and Jeff Goldblum who verbally smack her down like the yappy dog she is playing. 

This movie reminds me why I hate morning shows.  At one point, Rachel tells Harrison that there was a war between news and entertainment, and news lost.  So did America.  Shows such as the Today Show, Good Morning America, and the Early Show are just ridiculous.  God forbid Americans learn what happened over night in other countries while brewing their coffee. 

Ford's dialogue saves this film from being a total loss.  "You want me to banter?  Isn't banter from the Latin word meaning to jabber like a moron?"  Responding to Diane Keaton who says, "I had to say rectal and moisture in the same sentence" he retorts with "Well, first dates can be tricky."  These lines are few and far between and do not make up for the rest of this nonsense.

Thought of some other ways why Rachel's character is annoying.  She bangs her head against various items with an alarming frequency to convey to herself that she is frustrated or embarrassed.  She says "hi" at least twice but usually three times when she enters a room. 

So much to not recommend this film, but to end on a positive note, Chris Matthews and Morley Safer make cameo appearances. 

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