Monday, March 14, 2011

The Circus (1928)

Most Charlie Chaplin films have that one particular scene which it is known for.  The Gold Rush has the dancing with the forks in the rolls scene.  City Lights actually has two:  the boxing ring scene and the very last shot.  The Circus has Chaplin on a tight rope with monkeys crawling all over him.  Since this movie is set at the circus, there is more farce and slapstick than usual.  That says quite a lot considering what Chaplin films are known for.  There are the sentimental scenes as well with the Tramp; he always overcomes the physical gags, rises up, and shows deep feelings and understanding when it comes time to make a decision about a girl.  If you have never seen a Chaplin film, watch City Lights.  If that's the only one you have seen, check out The Circus. 

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