Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Secret in Their Eyes (2009)

After watching a series of mediocre films, the next one you watch which is outstanding is even that much more special; you appreciate it more.  I had the luck to watch this after a string of disappointing films.  This film does not make any wrong moves.  The story is tight, the acting is wonderful, the cinematography is impressive, and even though it concerns such heavy subject matter, the end doesn't leave the audience without any good feelings or something to look forward to. 

At first, it appears to be a standard look back at the one case the investigator could never stop thinking about; the one which got away.  But the script does not let it remain an average whodunit where the audience sits through the standard motions of will they ever get the bad guy through a series of staged events.  The dialogue is crisp and interesting, individual scenes are fleshed out and given weight, and even the slight twist of an ending does not disappoint or lend itself to implausibility.  It is also not just a police procedural or suspense thriller; there are multiple sub-plots devoted to an unmentioned romance and plenty of reminders that Argentina was not very democratic during the 1970s.  There is a political underlining beneath the characters' actions and hushed conversations which display their fear towards not just the government, but even people who may or may not be government informers.

The Secret in Their Eyes deservedly won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.  It shows the audience how Argentina was during the time of the secret police and disappearances which really was not very long ago.  I highly encourage everyone to take the time and enjoy this movie; it will not disappoint.   

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