Friday, April 8, 2011


The story is well done, the script is mostly fresh and intelligent, and the jokes are funny.  None of the songs are particularly memorable but at least they do not slow down the movie too much.  The most enjoyable part of this Rapunzel story are the side characters.  In almost all Disney movies, the main character has a character sidekick, same here.  Rapunzel's sidekick is a chameleon named Pascal who is ok but the funniest character in the movie is a horse named Maximus who has all human mannerisms, but is a horse.  I laughed at every scene that horse was in.  A close second are the 'ruffians' who Rapunzel runs into.  They probably have the funniest song in the movie, each are drawn with their respective overemphasized distinguishing characteristics, and they provide fresh material when the main story gets bogged down with the actual Rapunzel storyline.  The main villain is not very interesting nor completely evil so she is mostly forgettable and makes you wait for the supporting characters, especially that horse, to come back on screen.  Overall, an enjoyable movie.

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