Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This is a perfect example of when a film's visual effects far outpace the screenplay.  The DVD container emphasizes in large font that the visual effects are from the same guys who worked on Avatar, Iron Man 2, and 300!  What the container does not say is that the screenwriters from those films did not work on Skyline.  Aliens descend from the sky and everything which occurs afterwards, the audience sees from the perspective of a particular group of people trapped in a Los Angeles penthouse.  Why this group?  Aliens are everywhere and we have to see the events through the eyes of people we cannot stand?  The characters are one-dimensional and very obnoxious for most of the time. 

Why did they waste what must have been an enormous visual effects budget on a story which appears to still be in draft form?  Did the producers feel the story in Avatar or District 9 was too complicated?  Stay away from this movie!

P.S.  The Air Force goes up against the aliens at points and I hope they were using some top secret drones; otherwise, those were B-2s pulling 9 G's and outmaneuvering enemy fighters.  Also, an F-22 crashes and 'bounces' right over the main characters.  *smacks forehead*

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