Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mune 2011

May was a relatively weak month for good tunes so this new tranche of songs are what I was listening to for May/June, hence, Mune.

1 - Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise - the lead off single from their new album Hot Sauce Committee Part 2; one of their most danceable beats ever.
2 - Daft Punk - End of Line (Tron: Legacy Soundtrack) - the best part of the movie Tron: Legacy were the 24 tracks Daft Punk put together for the soundtrack.

3 - The Kills - Nail in My Coffin - Saw them play at Showbox at the Market in May and they didn't play this song.  It was still a great show, but I was very surprised they left off the second single from Blood Pressures.
4 - Nicki Minaj - Super Bass - the rhymes are not as good as Moment 4 Life but the chorus is a hell of a lot better.  It also is a welcome relief from garbage like Did It On'Em and Roman's Revenge. 
5 - tUnE-yArDs - Gangsta - much better than the first single 'Bizness'.  Definitely an acquired taste.
6 - Lady Gaga - Judas - Born This Way is a complete rip-off of Express Yourself and the other singles we're hearing from this album right now (Edge of Glory, Hair, You and I) pale in comparison to the juggernaut which is Judas. 
7 - Art Brut - Lost Weekend - I haven't heard this band since 2007 when they released the great song 'Formed a Band'.  They are an English-German indie band based in Berlin and this is the lead off single from their new album Brilliant Tragic.   
8 - Handsome Furs - What About Us - Here is a Sub Pop band from Montreal comprised of one of the dudes from Wolf Parade.  This tune is the great lead off single from the new album Sound Kapital.

9 - Metric - Eclipse -  This is a 2009 song from the amazing Canadian indie band Metric.  Lead singer Emily Haines has an angelic voice on this song as well as 'Black Sheep' and 'Gold, Guns, Girls'. 
10 - Elliott BROOD - Northern Air - these guys are a three piece alt-country from Canada.  Hmmm...lots of Canadians on this iteration of songs.
11 - Stornoway - Zorbing -  Saw these guys at the Triple Door early this month and I went in completely blind without knowing anything about them.  Well, they're a British alternative indie folk rock band from Oxford and Zorbing is a great song.
12 - My Morning Jacket - Holdin' on to Black Metal - the lead-off single from the new album Circuital.
13 - Panda Bear - Last Night at the Jetty - solo project from the front-man of Animal Collective.  Experimental is a decent defining word for this album, but bravo to this song. 
14 - TV on the Radio - Will Do - this Brooklyn band released another awesome album with Nine Types of Light and Will Do is the best song on it.
15 - Bibio - Take off your Shirt - I know absolutely nothing about this band of where they're from or if they are new or have been around awhile; but there is some quality guitar in this song.
16 - Pitbull feat. Chris Brown - International Love - Thank God he's not shilling for Kodak in this song as well.  This song is nowhere near the most popular song which has been released from his current album, but it's the best.
17 - Katy Perry - Last Friday Night - I think this is the only Katy Perry song I have ever really liked.  I would have liked to have been at the party.
18 - Sims - Burn it Down - I don't know anything about this hip-hopper except that he made a really good tune here.
19 - Hooray for Earth - No Love - probably the weakest song on here but worth a listen.

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