Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Tourist

The Tourist had a lot going for it even before it started filming: two of the best looking and most famous actors on the planet, an Oscar winner director, and two Oscar winning writers. Unfortunately, it feels a bit flat. The opening setup works with a very poised and stiff Angelina Jolie enticing a naive and inexperienced Johnny Depp. Once the characters arrive in Venice though, the surroundings swallow them up and mute their chemistry and performances. The dialogue takes a backseat in favor of action. In fact, the action scenes and chases in The Tourist are just plain silly and plodding. A boat chase scene through the Venice canals is just ludicrous. The plot starts to come off the tracks as much as the action chases through blatantly contrived settings. There is a very formal scene in a ballroom with tuxedos and gowns whose only purpose is to show the audience the two leading stars in fine attire. They have no other purpose there. If The Tourist wanted to be snappier and land a more lasting punch, they would dial it down; less action, less weaponry, less makeup on Jolie, and the surprise ending...definitely less of that.

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